Social touch in human-robot interaction


The goal of this workshop is to spark interest in the topic of social touch, with a specific focus on social touch in human-robot interaction. The workshop will start with an introductory lecture on how  findings from interpersonal touch can be extended to, and applied in human-robot interaction. Thereafter, participants will work together on designing an (informal) experiment in which a human subject interacts with a robot using touch. Small groups of participants will work on the design of different parts of the experiment. The experiment will be run during the demo sessions at the main conference. Basic materials for the experiment such as laptops, robots and video cameras will be provided.


Target audience

People who are interested in the topic of social touch and the use of social touch in human-robot interaction (no prior experience needed). Workshop participants will get hands-on experience in designing and evaluating an interaction scenario for the use of touch in human-robot interaction.



The workshop will be held on Monday, July 4, 2016 in London UK before the Eurohaptics 2016 conference. For more information about the Eurohaptics conference and registration (required for all workshop attendants) see the conference website:

If you plan to attend the workshop please let us know by sending an email to the address below so we can estimate how many participants we can expect.

To let us know that you will be attending the workshop or any other inquiries please contact: